Garbage & Recycling

Residential Garbage Collection

The City of Melville collects garbage from residents on a weekly basis. There is a $30.00 bi-monthly fee for garbage collection, this fee is included on the water and sewer utility bill. To find out when your garbage will be collected refer to the following schedule or call the City of Melville General Office at (306) 728-6840. 
Please Note:
  1. That all garbage must be set out by 5:00 a.m. on collection day. 
  2. When temperature and/ or windchill is -40ยบ there will be NO pickup of garbage.
  3. Please shovel snow around garbage cans in the winter months.
  4. There is a maximum garbage weight per bag or box of 50 lbs.
Items that will NOT be picked up:
Waste oil, tires, paints, vehicle batteries, other hazardous materials, animal wastes, manure, large metal objects such as appliances, car bodies ect., large wood objects such as sheds and materials from construction/demolition, rubble such as large stone/concrete, slops.
Monthly Reminder: 
Better Call Cleaning will keep you informed of any upcoming changes in the schedule.  Information can be found on the City of Melville Website  at
General Inquiries:
For anyone that has any concerns may contact Cory at Better Call Cleaning at 306-728-1638

Commercial Garbage Collection

Commercial businesses have a choice of whether or not they want the garbage collected on a daily, bi-weekly basis or weekly basis.

Landfill Site

The City of Melville landfill site is managed by BC Cleaning and is governed by Saskatchewan Environment regulations.
Hours of Operation 
 SPRING/SUMMER: April 1 - August 31
 Monday - Saturday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
 FALL: September 1 - October 31
 Monday - Saturday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
 WINTER: November 1 - March 31
 Monday - Saturday 1 p.m. - 5 p.m
Contact Information
Public Works Office:306-728-6865
2020 Landfill Rates 
  • Prior to hauling mass quantities and demolition materials, please contact the Public Works Office (306) 728-6865.
  • All materials must be sorted and placed in proper locations. Such as: asphalt shingles, metals, household garbage, concrete, etc.
  • Improper placement can lead to fines and a ban from the landfill. See back for more information on penalties.
 Residential Waste  Resident of Melville  Non-Resident of Melville
 Landfill Minimum Fee $15.00  $30.00
 1/4 & 1/2 Ton Trucks/Utility Trailers up to 50 sq ft.  $15.00  $30.00
 1 Ton Trucks/Tandem Trailers(50-100 sq.ft)/Cube Van $40.00 $85.00
 2+ Ton Trucks/Utility Trailers over 100 sq ft.  $85.00  $150.00
 Semi-trailer Trucks/Roll-off Dumpsters $140.00  $400.00
 Small Animals (Under 20kg)  $35.00  $65.00
 Large Animals (Over 20kg)  $60.00  $120.00
 White Goods (including but not limited to; stoves, washers,
dryers, furnaces, water heater, fridges, freezers, and air conditioners) 
 $15.00 per item  $30.00 per item

 Shingles/Concrete/Industrial Waste  Resident of Melville  Non-Resident of Melville
1/4 & 1/2 Ton Trucks/Utility Trailers up to 50 sq ft. 
 $25.00  $50.00
 1 Ton Trucks/Tandem Trailers(50-100 sq.ft)/Cube Van                         $60.00  $110.00
 2+ Ton Trucks/Utility Trailers over 100 sq ft.  $110.00  $220.00
 Semi-trailer Trucks/Roll-off Dumpsters  $200.00  $500.00
 Car Wash Waste & Hydrovac Mud  $30.00  $50.00

Landfill Fines for Illegal Dumping

 Offence  Penalty
 Illegal Dumping - 1st Offence $100.00 
 Illegal Dumping - 2nd Offence $200.00
 Illegal Dumping - 3rd Offence $500.00 + a one year ban from using the landfill for any purpose
 Littering Outside the Landfill  Fines start at $580.00

2020 City of Melville Landfill Brochure