Cemetery Bylaw

The Melville Municipal Cemetery is located off Highway #47 South and 2 kilometres East on Cemetery Road. Schedule of fees and charges with respect to the City of Melville Cemetery:

Cost of Plots:
 Plot Fee  $700.00
 Perpetual Care Fee  $175.00
Grave Digging Fees:
 Grave Opening / Closing Fee     $600.00                      
 Cremation  $300.00
 Extra Charge if work is done on Saturdays/Holidays  $250.00

 Exhuming a body includes the opening and refilling of a grave under supervision in Melville Municipal Cemetery.

 10 Years & Under                                 At Cost Incurred
 Adult  At Cost Incurred

Cemetery Register
For more information regarding the Melville Municipal Cemetery, please contact:

Jolene Goebel
Phone: 306-728-6840
E-mail: jgoebel@melville.ca