Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide the City of Melville and surrounding district with information, education, and leadership to enhance their capabilities to protect citizens and their property from the devastation of fire, environmental, natural and manmade emergencies.

The Melville Fire and Rescue Department fulfills this mission through the mandate established in the Saskatchewan Fire Prevention Act and the Municipal Fire Prevention Bylaw through:

  • protection of life and property against fire and other emergencies;
  • administering and enforcing the Act and regulations within the area known as the Melville and District Fire Protections area through inspection of buildings to identify and eliminate fire hazards and life-threatening situations;
  • providing training courses in fire fighting and prevention to the public and training of fire service personnel to respond to emergencies;
  • reviewing building plans to ensure fire safety in building design;
  • providing suppression at fires; extrication from MVA’s and a variety of rescue services at accidents;
  • investigating fires or causing to be investigated in order to ascertain cause, origin and circumstances of the fire;
  • promotion and encouragement of fire prevention and the appropriate reactions to this and other situations through public education
  • advising and consulting with people and organizations on all aspects of fire safety;
  • performing other duties as directed by Council or the Minister;
  • interacting with other emergency services and neighbouring fire departments to create an integrated tiered response to major emergencies; and
  • researching methods to improve fire suppression and prevention.